Thor’s Day – Asgardia!

I was walking through building 4N at Johnson Space Center yesterday, and as I entered the lobby I could see scattered about multiple copies of the same magazine. It had a picture of a young woman, attractive, wearing steampunk attire, against a star field background. It had across the top the title “ROOM”. Couldn’t NOT pick that up. I mean, I’m a space nut among space nuts, and a nicely-produced publication like that, in such copies just laying about? It was meant to be picked up.

When I got back to the office, I thumbed it open and read the forward to it, and realized what I was looking at – the quarterly issue of Asgardian‘s news and commentary magazine. I’ve heard of the organization before, but didn’t really know what they were or what they are about. Apparently, they are the first country to establish territory for itself off-planet. Or so they claim. Not all parties back here on Terra Firma agree with that as reality, but if it isn’t a legitimate country, the founder, Igor Ashurbeyli, is sure making a professional attempt at it. They have currency, a specific set of governmental controls, and even a differing set of months of the year. There’s more, too, but I’ve only just started studying their plans.

Given the name Asgardia, it seemed fitting topic to consider on a Thor’s Day.

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