Outbound Operational Plan for Space Migration: Space Telescopes

There are many advantages to Space Telescopes. They can be placed in orbits that keep them pointed at the same objects for a long, long time, allowing for the resolution of dim objects. And with proper control, a floating space platform can be essentially vibration free, making it easier to see extremely distant objects. On top of that, there is a lot to see that isn’t in the visible light spectrum, a lot of it in the infrared. In the extreme cold of space, it’s much easier to resolve those otherwise invisible objects. Coupled with a location that is faily well guaranteed to be out of the range of terrestrial light pollution, it all is ideal for scanning the cosmos.

This would be OPS.16 of the Outbound Operational Plan.

As all the other Outbound missions are stood up, Space Telescope technology would come online. One should always take a look ahead when planning a journey.

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