Happy Thor’s Day – Letting One’s Self Go

So, a year or so ago, I got myself on a kick to become a hero. An honest-to-god, man-of-action, superhero. I don’t mean flying, or x-ray vision, or similar paranormal powers, of course. But rather, fit, strong, smart, and brave, set to counter the world’s ills as I found them. Or perhaps as they found me.

Given my predilection to focus on my Nordic heritage, accordingly I saw myself somewhat like this guy:

The realities of Covid restrictions, working long hours, and other such distractions with which I have encumbered myself, I’m more like this guy:

I hang my head in shame, and some defeat. But only a temporary vanquishing of my own good intentions. The idea of being a rowdy warrior and defender of my tribe will not allow a further slide, so I begin again. Work the body, mind, and of course, the soul. I know there have been many over the past year who have fallen pray to sloth, so as I improve myself upon the face of this Midgard that we share, I will encourage where I can, and provide opportunities for mirth wherever they may pop up their heads like the bildgesnipe.

With the uncertain nature of the world, I am certain that we’re going to need someone like this guy:

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