Thor’s Day – A New Year

I have decided to do something that concerns me a bit. Not something rash or dangerous, but maybe a little unconventional.

Bjorn Bull-Hansen gets mentioned around this blog pretty often, for both his Viking boosterism and his practical approach to life. I have to say, too, that I’m pretty envious in an encouraged way over his free-living approach to life. I big part of that is his success as a writer. In fact, he has a number of bestsellers which I would love to read. There’s only one problem:

No publisher has yet to translate his work into English.

I have a theory about this: the English-speaking audience is likely the largest in the world and English is a heritage language of White people. This is not meant to be a racist screed of any kind, far from it! My preference is that anybody could benefit from at least hearing Bjorn’s viewpoint, as it applies to anybody, but there seems to be a genuine effort to deny the value of any history that involves white people, irregardless of whether race was even a factor in that history. Frankly put, it’s a skewing of the record by those of the woke. It’s disturbing.

Particularly irritating in this case are the recent efforts to deny that the Vikings ever had a distinct culture of their own, or that it was more than just a Sunday morning cartoon in the newspaper.

Bjorn is working to tell interesting tales of historical fiction, and by the accounts of those who have been able to read it, either in Norwegian or other languages, the stories are both entertaining and instructive.

So I came to the decision to just get around the “woke embargo” and read it in another language. Right now I’m considering German or Norwegian. I have some previous instruction in German, so that’s likely how I’ll go. It’s going to take a long time to go sentence-by-sentence, but I see no other way.

As I see it, those who wish to keep people in the dark on their own heritage or deny others to learn of it, they want to serve a narrative, no matter if it’s true or not. It’s perverse. I see it as my duty to get around their tyranny, and a gift to myself for the new year.

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