United Nations to Adopt Asteroid Defense Plan


Earth is not prepared for the threat of hazardous rocks from space, say astronauts who helped formulate the U.N. measures

“…The U.N. plans to set up an “International Asteroid Warning Group” for member nations to share information about potentially hazardous space rocks. If astronomers detect an asteroid that poses a threat to Earth, the U.N.’s Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space will help coordinate a mission to launch a spacecraft to slam into the object and deflect it from its collision course.”

While I am not sure that slamming objects into a careening asteroid is the most nuanced (or even effective) response, it is interesting and gratifying that an authority at a higher level is at least planning on having a plan. Ed Lu and Rusty Schweikhart can use their B612 Foundation as a megaphone for action, and even build the Sentinel Telescope mission, but without a greater intention to act, all we can do is watch a disaster unfold. Despite any personal hard feelings that I have regarding the United Nations, this is still very good news.

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