Twenty-Nine Years and Looking Outbound

On a far-too-cold day twenty-nine years ago, the space shuttle Challenger was lost on ascent. Here is how we should remember her:

Challenger At Launch - 1985

Of course, reality and mature thought demand that we also think of her thusly:

The Final Flight of Challenger - 1986

Her Crew:

A Truly Gallant Crew

For the sake of decency, I will not present the graphic reality of their final trip outbound. It is sufficient to say that they dared greatly, and paid a price, as did their family, friends, and a nation. Even the world felt the sting of that dark day in the clear blue sky.

Still, we continued on, and we will continue to do so. I thank the crew of Challenger for risking themselves and honor their sacrifice by doing my best to make sure that it wasn’t in vain.

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