Thor’s Day – Going A-Viking And Returning Home

There is a concept of Vikings going forth and plundering and marauding, among other things, and to some degree that’s true. But really, most Viking travel was for simple trade, of sometimes just to explore to see if trade was available. Or even beyond that rationale, they decided to figure out how far they could go, and what they could discover.

The old Norsemen would go A-Viking, seeking profit. And not just for riches, but really for what it brought them for value as a person, or for a people.

For me, the past several months I have been A-Viking, seeking enrichment, and honestly, only of money. But it’s strange… as my ancestors did that as well, they also found new worlds, new people, and new ways to relate to it all. For me it is the same. I’ve been on this journey, and find myself returning home, richer for the experience than ever I had imagined. Am I being cryptic? Certainly. I’m not currently inclined to share the details of my excursion right now, but someday I will be.

I would tell anyone that it may be perilous to go A-Viking, even intimidating, but it often works out at journey’s end.

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