Thor’s Day – Bjorn’s Viking Village Part II

I’m continuing to walk my way through Bjorn Bull-Hansen’s video series on building a Viking village, here.

It’s a nice, relaxing video of him finding the cornerstones for their first structure in the village, talking a little about the history of the area, and pondering the future. Honestly, I’m actually jealous of his opportunity! The area in which his community is going to spring up, it’s beautiful. A striking woodland landscape, and I frankly find it magical to look at.

One thing he points out is that there has been a recent turn in society, where people have forgotten the value of enterprise. Really working physically to accomplish goals, and to generally go after what you know you need. He calls it the Power of Doing, and when you harness that power, it spurs you on. Of course, he’s right. Now, neither he, nor I, claim that people don’t still show such blunt initiative. I think what he’s trying to convey is the possibility that the world is actively telling people to favor dependence and leisure over the idea of doing worthy things and laboring strongly to do them. It’s a good point, and for me, I am inspired.

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