The Earth: You will be rocked

In a story on Zerohedge about the Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) Apophis, it is noted that the celestial body is to pass within the orbital range of most of our communication satellites, approaching somewhere in the vicinity of 19000 miles altitude. This is a hypervelocity rock about a 1100 feet across, coming extremely close to our one and only planet. I am not sanguine that science can anticipate with full accuracy exactly how this is going to work out. Strange things can still happen to pull that rock right towards us.

When are we going to figure out that we have to learn how to intercept and remove NEA’s as threats here? It is maddening to me that all it takes is one decent-sized space boulder ramming our home for extreme destruction and upheaval to occur, up to and including extinction. As the Earth has had such events numerous times in the past, it is obvious that it isn’t a matter of IF we’ll be faced with another, but rather WHEN.

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