Living the Hero Way – Physical Strength II

Life has ups and downs, right? And it can even be said that ups can bring some downs, too, and that’s where I’ve been at regarding my physical training. I am at one of those curious points.

I was having some “buyers remorse” with a recent change in employment over this past summer, and while I’m not going to go into detail regarding that situation, suffice it to say that I moved on to another position. It’s truly one of the best moves I’ve made in years, and I’m loving the new work.

What it has done though is blow up my morning walking schedule, at least for the time being. In getting certain plans together for the next fiscal year at the new job, I’ve been working serious overtime. It’s been a good way to learn the duties of the job quickly, and of course I like the money. I don’t like the fact that it meant the morning walks got cut out for a while. They’ll be back on the menu next week, though, so that’ll be good.

In the meantime, I added something else to take up some of the slack in my physical improvement goals. At this Pinterest post I found a progressive schedule that leads a person to 45 pushups a day within a month’s time. I’ll let you folks know how it goes.

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