Hydroponics – Today’s Status And Bully Alert

It’s been a couple of weeks since I kicked off my running discussion of my home Hydroponics rig. There have been a number of things pulling on my time, some rather exciting things to be honest. That’s a discussion for later, but it will be outstanding when I let people know about it.

To give people an idea of what the rig looks like today, and how things are growing. Below is an overall picture of the farm.

I bought a simple chromed heavy-duty shelving unit from Wallyworld, a pump kit, plant food, PH chemicals and testing equipment, an LED grow light, and about $10 in distilled water. All told, the cost was around $100 for everything, with almost all of it non-recurring costs. That is, the money is almost all spent once and not needed to be spent again. Seeds are still relatively cheap, and I have a lot of them, plus they’re of heirloom varieties, too, so I can harvest seeds for regrowth. All in all, I thought that the start-up costs seemed reasonable, and I didn’t even attempt to buy used items or barter with others, strategies that could make the set-up even cheaper.

Now, as for the plants themselves, here are my beauties!

Almost all you can see is the tomato plant covering EVERYTHING. That plant (on the right of the picture) just went completely nuts. The jalapeno plant it still visible, but the lettuce in the back is pretty much in stealth mode under the tomato bully. I think I’m going to have to put in a support for the tomato plant, too. So, it’s still a work in progress.

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