Heroic Attentions

One of the things classic heroes exhibit is the ability to focus on a task or a person and deflect distractions like Captain America with his shield. A solid single-mindedness that brings results and really dives deep into understanding the world as it presents itself. Being right here, right now.

In today’s modern world, though, so many people are easily diverted like kittens by a butterfly. It’s so simple now that we have instant information retrieval – you know what I mean. You’re sitting at your computer, writing a blog post or paying your bills, and you social media chimes. Off you go to see the next cute cat picture. Or you’re at work, trying to take in a meeting, and another email pops up on your screen, and you read it instead of listening to your team tell you what’s going on with your project. Or worse, your boss asks you a question and you miss it…

Focus. You have to dig for it, want to have it, and mean it. I know, I’ve been there. I AM there.

Those metrics I’ve talked about, I’m tracking my improvement in attention as part of that. The habits are hard to break, but I’m seeking help. One way that I am starting is a series written on the Art of Manliness blog, specifically starting with “Attention, Please! What Every Man Ought to Know About Focus”. I’ve read their articles in the past, and they are meaty stuff. I’ll be sinking my teeth into it and will report back later what I find.

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