Even the Vikings Worried About Climate Change

There is a natural cycle that is easily discernible if one looks far enough back in time. The current Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change cult only looks that far back when it serves their theology, but logical eyes can see what has happened over the eons. The AGCC’ers hate the What’s Up With That site, but anyone with a clear-headed and mature sensibility can browse there and survive the challenge.

One significant climatic period in centuries past was the years 535 to 536 A.D. wherein a plunging temperatures caused world-wide crop failures and famine. It was a true disaster on a global scale, driven undoubtedly by factors other than industrialization. Actually, there was some contemporary recording of the event literally written in stone.

The Rok stone, located near Sweden’s Lake Vattern, records the “death of the sun nine generations ago” and spoke to fears of what the Vikings refer to as a “Fimbulwinter“, a brutal winter as a harbinger of the end of the world. The elites in Viking society were primarly concerned with good farming and being able to protect that circumstance, or give fair warning that hard times and poor yields were on their way. Given the signs around the time the Rok was made, it seems they were giving a very concerned warning.

What I find interesting about this bit of history is that back in antiquity, at least in this case, the warnings seemed more practical than the hand-waving we see now. Any Viking, especially a Viking farmer, could see the same signs that the elites were picking up on. These days, with a human global population increasingly unattached to nature, it has become easy to place prognostications about the climate and the consequences of change onto an wizard elite. That is, there is much sleight-of-hand that takes place, and many just nod as obedient parishioners are wont to do. We need to be more practical, and test the assertions of the self-apointed clerics of climate smarts.

As the Vikings knew, the Sun controls growing seasons, and growing seasons are a primary determinant of what a climate actually is. With 21st-Century technology, especially the space-borne technology watching the Sun now, we know the Sun is in a low point in solar activity, and we seem to be headed into what is known as a Grand Solar Minimum. Past correlations of climate and GSM’s show that as sunspots wane into long-term dormancy, global temperatures drop. The pattern of this correlation is extremely repeatable, and is showing itself to be accordingly predictable.

If Vikings could see this more that a thousand years ago with simple farming knowledge and the data they could actually measure, we surely can do the same. An overarching mission for the Outbound concept is survival of the human species. Reliance on an AGCC cult that increasingly misses it’s predictions and thinks model output is “data”, well, that’s a recipe for self-destruction. The signs of the past and the knowledge of the present are in our hands, and it tells a story of the future that the ancient Norse apparently understood better than so many so-called “scientists” think they do now. It’s embarrassing. Worse, it’s dangerous.

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