CoronaChan Watch – Day… Whatever

I have to tell you, this endless parade of new and recycled fear-mongering over the Corona virus is frankly demoralizing, demotivating. As a person with some technical acumen and a knowledge of systems, the trends are not apocalyptic. The predictive value of the graphical data indicates a system that has been relatively unperturbed by ANYTHING that we’ve done to try fighting this novel cold virus, with deaths trending down and recoveries trending up. Now that the deaths are going down, the new fear-craze is reported cases.

The cases reported have indeed gone up. The number of administered tests have increased at a much, much faster rate. And more disturbingly, as the case rates have recently gone up so have false tests. I do not refer to false positives on tests administered, I mean positive results on tests NOT administered. I’ve heard a growing number of second and third-hand anecdotes, but also some first-hand reports, as well, of some distinct fraud. Essentially, these are people saying that they were going to be tested, and for whatever reason they couldn’t actually test, then they received notice that they had tested positive for Coronavirus. That’s despicable. Somebody, some interest, is invested heavily in the perpetuation of this crisis.

Humanity needs to go into space, and get past the perils of keeping all our eggs in one basket. We need to take the lessons we learn from space expansion and apply them to the terrestrial experience. In the current climate of fear, and graft, and power-mongering, I must admit to a certain weariness.

I’ve got to work on myself to get above the noise.

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