CoronaChan Watch – Day 7, 8, And 9

So far, it’s been relatively quiet the past few days. It’s pretty much a simple sequence:

  1. Telework during the day.
  2. Maybe go for a walk.
  3. Watch British Crime Dramas until too late into the morning.

I’ve started into “DCI Banks” and gotten addicted… I’ve got to enforce some discipline. 🙂

I suppose the worst thing is the continued obsession with the numbers, watching them rise continuously. I don’t think that the values are rising are with the vigor that some had feared, not in America anyway, but they do keep rising.

CFR = The Total Deaths divided by the Total Number of Confirmed Cases. Right now, the CFR is 1.5% in America, and seems to have settled around 1.3-1.5% over the past few days. I expect it to go down, which is good, but the reality is that the numbers, especially the denominator, are affecting real people. I keep watching to see it drop further, and hope the daily additions start to decelerate.

The one truly hopeful thing is that the number of officially recovered have finally clawed their way up to more than 50% of the death figure for today. Finally, that means that more people are getting better than dying.

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