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Marching Towards Warp Drive

There is interesting news afoot in particle physics. It seems that some researchers from the University of Rochester have created quasi-particles known as polaritons at room temperature, and these little beauties exhibit behavior of objects of negative mass.

The original Alcubierre Warp Drive theory involved the use of negative energy to achieve a transit method outside of normal spacetime. Of course, Professor Alcubierre’s original estimate of magnitude was unreasonably huge, but the theory has stood up well. What’s been encouraging over the years is work by a number of other physicists to bring that magnitude down to imaginable levels. What’s been even more difficult to grapple has been the negative energy aspect, but with this new work, we now have what looks like negative mass. Given Einstein’s famous equation:

E = mc²

Where E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light, a mass of a negative magnitude should convert to negative energy. That’s a major puzzle piece.

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It seems that work at Johnson Space Center (JSC) on an EmDrive, where microwaves are used to create thrust, may be generating warp bubbles. There is more work to be done to confirm the consistency of the results in a vacuum, but if it is real, wow. Just wow. Even small warp fields would be astounding to find so early in the field of warp science, and would absolutely belie the assumptions on energy densities required to create a spacewarp drive.

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