Fight for Space

There is in production what looks to be an interesting independent film dealing with the fate and future of the American space program. From what I can see on the Fight for Space Kickstarter page, I’m not entirely sure if it is leaning towards the government model, the private sector model, or the for-God’s-sake-do-something model, it looks like a deeply researched effort, and the filmmakers have interviewed a lot of luminaries in the space field.

Unfortunately, it seems that their original Kickstarter funding has run dry, and they are starting another round. They are looking for an additional $80K to complete the production, and they are a shade over a tenth of the way there, with 16 days to go. I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone else to do, but I’m interested enough to kick in some cash at the $50 level, and get a blu-ray of the film. At the rate they’re gaining pledges, they might just make it.

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