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How To Be A Rocket Scientist

Brett Hoffstadt’s new blog “How To Be A Rocket Scientist” is, in my opinion, one of the more exciting and aggressively optimistic offerings in the arena of space boosterism and education. Brett is a well-experienced member of the “rocket scientist” community, and is very generously offering his career knowledge to inspire others to pursue a career of their own in the field. His daily commentary is very timely, valuable, and frankly entertaining. Given the dedication Outbound has to making space just another place for Human beings to live and work, Brett’s practical and encouraging approach is incredibly welcome.

I think everyone with an interest in in the aerospace field, whether you have a career in it already, desire to enter the field, or are even just a very interested witness, I recommend visiting this blog.

(Brett even has a book, cleverly titled How To Be A Rocket Scientist on Amazon.)